The body will heal when the soul knows purpose: Rid yourself of ill with the seal of recuperation

We sometimes find ourselves physically ill, our bodies aching and dysfunctioning. We usually like to think that it’s out of our hands and that this sickness is some distant force that’s just too hard to handle. You might be surprised, but it’s quite the contrary, as our ability to overcome it is completely ours to apply. How? Just like that:

First: What is this illness and where does it come from?

An illness, by definition, is a disruption of balance. In many cases, it comes in physical forms due to exposure to external elements like germs, bacteria & parasites. Because they have such an agonizing impact on our body we mistakingly think that this situation reflects our entire being. We tend to identify with the sickness and feel overpowered by it. This exact assumption is the reason we misplace our natural power of recuperation. It basically neutralizes the understanding that our soul is a separate force from the body and its external sickness.

The good book tells us the tale of Isreal’s exile: “These are the names of the sons of Israel (Jacob and his descendants) who went to Egypt” (Exodus 1:1). If you read closely, you’ll see that this verse specifically mentions their Names. To each word in the scriptures, there is a meaning, and so we understand that the meaning here is that only their names went down to Egypt, only their external part, like the body. Their inner core, their soul, has never exiled. The important message to us here comes to prove that no matter the illness we’re experiencing, no matter the suffering we feel, it’s not who we are.

Conquer the illness - with internal recuperation

When we are in pain it is usually a manifestation of a troubled soul, and sometimes even a lost one. If we walk this earth without a purpose or against our personal values, we are bound to end up so frustrated until we feel entirely ill. But, if we know “who is the real me”, recuperation will be at our hands.

People who have a true purpose in life are happier people, calmer people, and therefore can face reality much better. That is what success is about – seeing what’s inside, realizing why I’m here for, to overcome any illness.
Questions like “what are my capabilities? What makes me happy? what drives me? what satisfies me? – are the first questions we should ask ourselves through this journey. A truthful answer will put a light on the path that’s right for me personally. From then on, we’ll reach balance followed by self-fulfillment.

Increase the flow and cast away the ill

During a sickness (and any other crisis for that matter) it’s crucial to envision ourselves as healthy. If we do not, then we’ll just block that mindful balance. That goes for life setbacks as well. If we know how to address situations with proportion then we won’t get anxious or overwhelmed so easily. This is a matter of making a decision, a decision to take responsibility for our life, and act on our free will. Recuperation will be the inevitable result, as being loyal to our own growth will ignite the spirit.
That is only possible through the power of belief. Belief in our thoughts, acts and wishes – as our own creators.

Seal of recuperation: Unlock the ability to heal yourself

When accumulating new knowledge about the world and beyond we actually strengthen our belief. The more knowledgeable we get, the more we gain purpose and motivation to discover further. The universe directs us towards such great wisdom, one that is given to us by the wisest of man, King Solomon.
44 seals were given to us, sacred by the ancient world to unlock our unique capabilities.
The seal of recuperation is engraved with a scorpion – a symbol of a living being that can kill itself with a venomous strike, and equivalently holds the vaccine.

“Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet”

Psalm 91:13

This seal helps the ill recuperate from sickness by strengthening the owner’s physical stamina while denying negative forces.
It reconnects the owner with themselves, mindfully and spiritually, resulting in stronger will power, immune by belief.

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