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“The Divine Unification Amulet For Spiritual Growth” Silver Amulet + Silver Chain (925)


The Divine Unification amulet is to help those under emotional distress, turmoil, in a state of confusion, unrest withers internally or with regard to others, and for those asking questions yet finding no answers.

Size: 2.4 cm width ,3 cm Height

3 Wheels of 72 Divine Names+ chain (925)


3 wheels of the alphabet that creates the combination of 72 divine names.

Size:3 cm /3 cm

Ana B’ Koch pendant ORB +Black string


The ‘Ana Bekoach’ (Divine Strength Prayer) Orb Pendant

A form of a secret code, believed to contain the power to open the gates of heaven to receive our prayers.

Size: 3 cm

Imagination And Creativity Seal (NO. 37) Silver Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


Fifth Sun Pentacle: Develop the imagination, the assistance, the creativity and the understanding of the spiritual world

Size:3 cm height 2.4 cm width

King Solomon seal Jerusalem Stone Tile no.5


Fifth Jupiter Pentacle: To attain ones vision (Like Jacob who possessed the code when he had the vision of the ladder up to Heaven).

Size:10 cm height 10 cm width

Nano Technology “Tikkun HaKlali” Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


NANO Tikkun HaKlali Hebrew : תיקון הכללי

A unique technology of nano 0.006 font-size Lazer engraving that enables for the first time the etching of the entire Rectification- also known as The General Remedy, is a set of ten Psalms whose recital serves as teshuvah (repentance) for all sins

Size: 2 cm width, 2 cm Height



This name  ו.מ.ב

We are able to connect to the divine name ו מ ב/(one of 72) that is on this silver spiral and transmit frequency of grace from the divine it has spiral mystical code inside that can help us to develop our consciousness

Size: 3.5 cm height

The “There Is Nothing But God” Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


Treasured Spiritual Remedies (Segulot): “There Is Nothing But God” This spiritual remedy above appears in the book “The Soul of Life” by Rabbi Chaim from Volozhin in chapter III, line 12. This remedy is meant for any time of sorrow or distress that a person may experience.

Size: 3.5cm height, 2.8cm Width

The Angel Metatron Fine Silver Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


Angel  Metatron is one of the Archangels he has the ability to assist you when in need of  Empowerment. He is believed to have ascended from a human incarnation on earth, into the angelic realm. He is believed to be Enoch 


Size: 2.5 cm height 0.5 cm width

The Redemption Fine Silver Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


A dual-sided pendant, symbolizing the great power of redemption.

Size: 4.5cm height, 3cm Width