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“Ana Zamin Le Mehavi” Silver Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


Rabbi Nachman’s blessing “I am ready for the Creator, in order to make his will”. Silver and gold mercy and truth.

Size: 3 cm height 0.80 cm width

“El Na Refa Na La” Silver Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


A request from Moses to god please heal my sister, underneath the code of gods response healing Miriam

Size: 3 cm Height 2.4 cm Width

“Gam Zeh Ya’avor” Blessing Fine Silver Ring (925)


KING SOLOMON RING “this too shall pass” Hebrew: גַּם זֶה יַעֲבֹר‏‎, gam zeh yaavor), king Solomon the wisest man of all had known the creation therefore when he made the ring with: of “this too shall pass” he wanted to revile that all situations in life will change as this is a world that God created all . this rings allow us to remember and have faith in God and the creation

Size: 6-13 american charts

“Imrat Eloka Zrufa” Silver Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


Yeshuat hashem ke ” God save us here and now” Everything that happens on earth or heaven is under the supervision of the divine

Size: 3 cm height 3 cm width

“Key of Livelihood” Silver Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


Key of abundance with mystical codes from kabbalah and the name of the angel in charge of livelihood with the citrin stone.

Size: 4.5 cm

“SPIRAL LORD HAVE GRACE UPON US” Silver Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


his name ח ע מ of the divine 1 of  72 has the ability through gratitude and pray To connect to the grace of God and we are able to heal ourselves with the codes engraved on the spiral.

Size: 3.5 cm height

“The Divine Unification Amulet For Spiritual Growth” Silver Amulet + Silver Chain (925)


The Divine Unification amulet is to help those under emotional distress, turmoil, in a state of confusion, unrest withers internally or with regard to others, and for those asking questions yet finding no answers.

Size: 2.4 cm width ,3 cm Height

12 Angels Sterling Silver Pendant 925


Ancient knowledge reviled in an amulet A Star of David built of letters that consist the name of God A short prayer around |”my help is from God created heaven and earth” around the prayer the angels are presented Oriel –Raphael-Gabriel –Michael-Nuriel –Auviel –Hasdiel –Zadkiel-Rachmiel –Samchiel-Azriel-Tamchiel . You can use it when in need for protection, health; abundance and success. Size: 4.5cm height, 4 cm Width

2 Side Activation Disc With a Prayer For God’s Help (Silver Plus) Pendant + Silver Chain (925)


Better to use with 72 divine name orb or Ana bekoach orb With your holy name please bless us and with your 72 divine names fill our hands with your blessings Blessed he who hears our prayer
Size: 3.5cm height, 2.5cm Width

3 Wheels of 72 Divine Names+ chain (925)


3 wheels of the alphabet that creates the combination of 72 divine names.

Size:3 cm /3 cm

72 Divine Names Silver Bracelet – Female (925)


Bracelte of the 72 Names of the LORD and their Virtues

This link-bracelet interlinks the 72 names of the creator. Moses parted the Red Sea by uttering the 72 names of God.

Size:21 cm