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What kind of Life Situations would you like to turn around?

The following 14 Life Situations describe our entire existence on Earth. Each of us can find the exact elements and events they experienced and choose to change it, to solve problems from their core, find practical ways to upgrade the current situation, and direct it to the right path according to what we want for ourselves.

Choose the Life Situations you’d like to resolve. Start now:

Abundance & Prosperity Seals of Solomon (13)

Evil Eye Protection Seals of Solomon (17)

Fertility Seals of Solomon (5)

Guarding & Protection Seals of Solomon (32)

Harmony Seals of Solomon (8)

Health Seals of Solomon (13)

Love Seals of Solomon (12)

Matching Seals of Solomon (6)

Livelihood Seals of Solomon (8)

Paths Clearing Seals of Solomon (15)

Recuperation Seals of Solomon (9)

Tranquility & Equilibrium Seals of Solomon (11)

Victory & Achievement Seals of Solomon (12)

Wishes Seals of Solomon (17)

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