Seal of Fertility: Discover the ability to fertile blessings in your path

Our need for fertility in life is our need for maintaining productiveness, whether in bringing offsprings, or providing for ourselves with productive work and economy. Fertility affects every aspect of life, but still, many feel it is lacking from their own. That could lead to living a life of despair and sadness, but it doesn’t have to be so. In fact, our ability to fertile ourselves is our own making.
This is how it’s done…

How can we fertile ourselves?

The essence of Fertility lies in the power of creation. Our Lord has created the entire world with his power of thought alone, and we were made in his image, therefore we can too create our world as we would like to experience it. This comes from our birth prerogative as entities blessed with the power of free will, which directs our thoughts to generate our own reality.

In order for us to connect with that core strength, we must strengthen our frequency of creation. We mustn’t walk through life waiting for inspiration, instead, we just have to call it out from within. It always lives inside us, generating a flow of creative ideas that offer us endless opportunities, if we only choose to act upon them. This cleansing power can brighten our thoughts and focus them towards renewed life, creating life.
The more we create and apply our fruitful thoughts the more we would understand the plan creation has in store for us. Furthermore, when we start creating out of self-belief, it will keep on flowing, fertilizing us continuously.

First, we must open our minds to allow comprehension of the hidden world. This recognition would change our life for good, as it will arise the consciousness of living a true life. This clear but elusive recognition begins in ancient times, when King Solomon ruled the land and shared his wisdom of a life that transcends everything, defeating difficulties.

44 seals were forged according to his great wisdom, giving their owners the strength to overcome anything, and the power to create their own life.

Seal of Fertility: Break the code to a blessed life

This seal is designed with two parallel lines that never meet, symbolizing the gap between our desires and the reality around us. The component that enables such a powerful unity is the combination of letters presented on the seal – a mystical code so fierce that it helps its owner to act on their heart wishes.

This seal is a means to an end for those suffering from fertility issues, both men and women. It provides a release from stress and anxiety which are known to negatively affect impregnation.

During pregnancy, this seal provides protection for the fetus and its mother.

The seal invests positive thinking in its owner in a way that ignites their imagination, by actually seeing down to the tiniest details how creation fertilizes their life vividly.

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