Strengthen your force from within: Empower life through the seal of love

Love…such a forceful element in our life, yet so abstract to so many of us.
We are not always aware of its presence around and among us, a feeling that might keep us away from acknowledging it as the basis of everything. And when love’s place in our world is reduced, our own presence is reduced, as we fall deeper into indifference and lack of vitality.
Know this – there is a clear and viable way to regain this great energy, one that floods us with love, and is evoked just like that…

Why it’s important to feel love in our life?

Love is the main motif that binds all other important aspects of our life. Its essence is originated from the creator, and flows on to the rest of creation, we included. It portrays the power of unity, this glue that keeps us together. “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord” (Leviticus 19:18) –  truer words were never spoken, directing us to spread love as we are all one. The more we love, the more love will come back to us, far more. Through it, we can lift ourselves with pure acceptance of all god’s creations, with no judgment or deprivation.

In order to reach that place, we must first strengthen self-love & acceptance, then change our old ways which are not beneficial to us. Now is the time you start accepting creation’s abundance.
You might still argue that despite one’s true will to have love in their life it is just not enough on its own to evoke it.

So how can we bridge the gap between desired and existing love?

The solution to this question lies within the understanding of change. As we change our negative, old ways, we open ourselves to receive love, and generate forceful movement. Such understanding will arrive after close observation of our inner self. From then, this bountiful love in the creator, will soon rise and stream in our veins once again. We will then see that all of the faults we see in ourselves aren’t really there, because the love of the lord is never dependent on anything.


In this exact moment of change, our spirit will free itself from strains of sadness and loss, all the way to realizing we’re actually wrapped in constant good.

With this, the burden of fear and anxiety will be lifted from us and will be replaced with self-confidence. This harmonic chain reaction ignited starts right here – with the recognition of god’s loving grace.

The seal of love: Know that you are never alone

The essence of love is to feel belong, to know that we are loved and taken care of. We receive this validation promised to us in Genesis 2: “This, at last, is bone of my bones

and flesh of my flesh”; This verse is the core of the seal of love, one out of 44 different seals left to us by King Solomon, the wisest of man.
His infinite wisdom enables us to learn about the meaning of creation, as its secrets enrich our lives, in heaven as it is on earth.

The seal helps bring love from afar, whether from long-distance or whether in a state where a person feels far from the love of their surroundings. Through it, its owner will regain love within, grant it onwards, and keep the movement of life going.


Do you experience other difficulties you wish to untie?
Choose the seals that will change your life, here

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