Evil Eye Protection

Evil eye protection seal: keep yourself safe from any harm

From the dawn of creation, humankind has existed alongside the primal need for protection. Negative forces that are beyond our control threaten us with their mal intentions. We shouldn’t ignore these forces. Instead, we should know how to push them away, so we could live our day to day protected by good luck.

This is how you will keep them away

What is the evil eye and how it affects us?

This abstract force is considered by many cultures as something that isn’t within our reach, hidden energy that comes mainly from the way people relate to us. It is not uncommon to see how emotions like envy and grudge can spike a bad chain of events, along with metaphysic constellations that threaten to strike us. How can we even defend ourselves from this abstract evil when it is out of our hands?

You are not alone against these forces: The way to protect yourself from the evil eye

Our constant strive for protection has always created different cultural codes and signs, to give their owner both physical and spiritual immunity. In order to achieve this protection, we should turn to the core of all mystical beliefs -the basic source of wisdom, King Solomon’s wisdom.

The secrets to unlocking the power of life are to recognize our free will. Living in constant fear equivalents to not believing in your self, therefore being pessimistic towards our own future ahead.
Opening ourselves to the change we all want begins with the discovery of this ancient wisdom.

“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion,
which cannot be shaken but endures forever.”

Psalm 125:1

We must not fear what we are yet to know, as the grace of God leads us protected.

You are not alone against these forces: The way to protect yourself from the evil eye

This seal is forged with the secret wisdom embedded with the names of the creator, writing of angels and sacred geometry. Anyone who wears it will be able to summon self strength that holds their desires and needs. Wearing it prevents unwanted forces of the evil eye from entering our body and soul.

In order for the owner of the seal to be completely protected from the evil eye, they must relieve themselves of any anxious or negative thoughts. By taking comfort in the seal and embracing its energy without stress, protection will emerge.

How does the Seal of Protection work?

According to Kabbalah, the world was created with 22 letters (Hebrew) and 10 spheres. The basis of creation is set in words, the means to communicate. The story of the Tower of Babylon reflects this very fundamental element – when people were speaking in different languages but not really communicating with one another, and the tower eventually collapsed.
King Solomon spent his life writing the words that unlock the secrets of creation, secrets that are embedded into the seals to protect us.

Together with blocking out malicious forces, the evil eye protection seal is a powerful instrument that allows its owner to reconnect with their will power within, and believe in the bright future to follow.

The 44 seals of King Solomon are designed to remove the hardship of life.
Choose the ones to solve your own>>

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