It is ever available and never lacking: This is how you spark abundance in life

Throughout our whole life, we exist in a state of constant will, wanting and wishing good things to come in our way. But, if we find ourselves longing for something out of feelings of emptiness, we won’t be able to see the actual abundance that always surrounds us. Why do we feel like that and how can we turn things around, to better discover life’s gifts? You might be surprised, but it’s not as difficult to reach as you may think. All that is required of you is to learn how to simply accept it. Shall we?

What is this abundance we all crave?

The concept of abundance might be different for different people, but it is still combined with similar human desires, such as love, health, friendship, creativity, financial security. But when all of these elements that motivate us in life seem light-years away, missing not only from our life but from many others who share the same decadent feelings – it can be quite overwhelming and hopeless. We might ask ourselves “how can I expect abundance in my life when so many people just like me are down on the same luck, impossible to experience joy? Questions like “where do I even start?” or “how will I possibly evoke a change from where I am right now?”-  can dangerously turn into a depressing state of mind. If not attended, this mindset can fuel resentment, envy, rage and regret, leading you to see life through misconceptions, and live numbly.

Why is this a wrong way to perceive life?

When we experience difficulties that make us feel like something is missing, we put ourselves in a very narrow place that blocks us from witnessing life’s abundance. This setback is generated by an imbalance that might strike sometimes in life, like a crack in the basis of our being.

How does this imbalance affect the way we can achieve abundance?

Early times of creation teach us that the world is built and revolves around 4 fundamental elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These pillars embody the energetic and physical sources – forces of life that are available to all god’s creations, including us humans. So naturally, when one of these pillars undergoes an “earthquake” in our own private world, a new resolution is needed to generate a viable correction.

Yes! I want to retrieve the balance in my life and accept abundance

Taking back control over my life:
From correction - to result - to abundance

The core of such a possible correction lies in creating a new, balanced reality for yourself. It might sound complex, but it’s really the opposite of it.
In order to start this spark we need to set up an inner decision that combines the 4 fundamental elements in the following way:
Set your intention first (Fire) to motivate creativity in progress. Then, direct your belief (Water) to reconnect emotions with proportions. Make a plan by using your intuition (Air) to arouse your spirit (both earthly and metaphysical) along with cognition. Conclude with setting for execution (Earth) of the progress that started with initial intentions.


It’s important to remember that if we act on this while one of the elements isn’t balanced – the desired outcome wouldn’t be complete. We can now take this progress from abstract to tangible, from wanting abundance to actually experience it.

As every person has to know where they are coming from in order to pave the road to a free life, leaning on one powerful ancient source is key. This infinite pool of abundance is originated from the tales of the wisest of man, King Solomon, and provides us with never-ending streams of bountiful knowledge.
King Solomon’s immense wisdom is considered by many as too great to reach for, but if we just accept it, we will be able to recognize the wonder, then utilize it to better our life unambiguously.
This sacred source can guide us with clarity and simplicity, on how to restore order in our life. Setting our intentions will expose us to a practical way of upgrading any aspect we desire, with no exceptions.
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Recognizing King Solomon’s source of wisdom as our past, our history, greatly affects the shaping of our future, which first must start with a better present. The sooner we realize this guidance in our own life, the sooner we will be able to ease current hardship, and equivalently fulfill our aspirations further down the line.

Proverbs 20:15

This verse is yet another guideline taken from Solomon’s instruction-book-of-life. It speaks of the importance of knowing to observe life, while considering our actions and their consequences with a rich mind and a rich heart.
If we can start seeing things as they are, feeling them without suspicion, they will always linger on, safely stored in our minds.

The ring of balance

King Solomon’s wisdom portrays a complete comprehension of the universe. In his life, the king received the Solomon Seal – a miraculous ring given to him by the heavenly kingdom.
This seal symbolizes the harmony that lies in contrasts, and reflects the cosmic order, the movement of the stars, the constant flow between heaven and earth. It embodies the connection between all 4 elements, how they work through our body and through creation, and how we can utilize them wisely, connect ourselves to this cosmic abundance. 

44 different seals were forged from the core of this very ring, as a physical anchor we can use to attract and retain harmony and balance. These seals basically hold the secret to fulfill any desire and need that live in us.

Seal of abundance

This channel provides each owner with personalized abundance, accurate to them specifically. Nonetheless, the change will only occur if we clear any conflicts or misconceptions that shadow our sight.

The seal is the first pentacle of Jupiter, used to invoke the power of justice and to find life’s treasures. It is combined with the names of four angles: Tzedeqia, Netoniel, Devecia, and Parasiel, written in Hebrew. Along with geometric designs and the sacred phrases taken from the scriptures, these four angles can summon abundance and enrich us with curious eyes, hearts, and mind.

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