Seal of Livelihood: Remove your limitations and accept the blessing

Finding a good livelihood isn’t only expressed with having a good job, but also with having satisfaction in our daily life. Still, many don’t feel that their routine fulfills their life goals. How can we turn the tables and not live in compromise?
This is how you can break the chain of uncertainty and go your own way

This feeling of discontent with our job, or lacking the ability to find one we truly want, is a common routine for many out there who walk apathetic through life. Carrying this burden eventually lets the fear in, and the longer we continue so the more we are controlled by indifference. We don’t even notice how deeper we sink into a loop of negativity that prevents us from applying our true self, with dignity we want for ourselves.

What keeps us away from a good livelihood?

In a word – fear. When we listen to it we allow the dark side in, paralyzed with time.

As people, we’ve grown so accustomed to it that we don’t even realize how negative we become. Our ego is haunted, we feel angry and in constant defense from the world, but also from its wonders.

What should we do to overcome the difficulty?

We need to start altering our perspective of things. How? by developing a strong immune system against fear. It isn’t as hard as you might think, because the strength to do so already exists in us. The fact that we feel fear means that we are also able to face it, stand up to it. This is a matter of choice we make to see things from a clearer perspective.  Our free will to decide lights the way for us to learn deeper about ourselves, appreciating ourselves just as we’re meant to.
With it, we will be able to release ourselves, as we minimize the presence of fear with open eyes & hearts. It will enable us to choose to surround ourselves with good things, good doing, good jobs, good people.

“May he rule from sea to sea
and from the River to the ends of the earth.”

Psalm 72:8

Every answer we wish to receive in life can be found in the sacred scriptures, interpreted by the secret knowledge of the mystical world – the ancient wisdom of King Solomon.

This source describes the mutual movement of the universal forces of creation, as the origin of our life on earth.
The secret codes we are given through this wisdom can help us gain success during our existence, like a river of opportunities unstopped by fear.

Seal of Livelihood: Decyferring the code to a successful life

44 seals were given to us by King Solomon to use as our guiding light in the paths of life.
The Seal of Livelihood summons a fruitful flow of work and opportunities helping its owner to cope with stress. This way the owner will be able to value themselves properly when in search of a job. The seal gives us the ability to negotiate better for our own advantage, whether in business or with a potential employer, with a hiring contract and such.

It is designed in the shape of a square, presenting powerful sacred names, which when read both horizontally & vertically showcase the same content. It is called “the magic square”, forged by God to protect us from the evil eye and the obstacles that threaten to fail us.
With it, you can find the practice that complements your skills and aspirations.

The 44 seals of King Solomon are designed to remove the hardship of life.
Choose the ones to solve your own

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