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Truth wears many faces: Experience additional levels of existence with the mystical power of Solomon’s seal

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Solomon son of David was a lot of things. He was a king, a political strategist, a poet, an engineer, a philosopher, and he was also a magician. Graced by God with both “Wisdom and knowledge”, Solomon was a man of many doings, a wise governor with a discerning heart that managed to distinguish between good and evil and deepen into understanding the entire universe. He was blessed with the ability to speak with every natural being in its language and honed knowledge like no other. Knowledge that expands beyond what meets the eye and includes magical capabilities that control spirits, good and bad.
Solomon was among the very few who enjoyed such a powerful status in the eyes of God, those who were chosen to carry the word of the Torah from the almighty himself. Just like Abraham and Moses before him, Solomon was entitled to be a part of a long tradition of heirs to the mystical knowledge of the Kabbalah.

“And the whole earth sought the presence of Solomon to hear his wisdom, which God had put into his mind” (1 Kings 10:24).

Some bible commentators, like Nachmanides, explain that Solomon’s persona of Ecclesiastes is named after his own effect. The Hebrew name for Ecclesiastes is “Kohelet”, which means “to assemble”, and that is exactly the kind of man he was, assembling great wisdom around him, including mystical one. He passed his knowledge on as proverbs, psalms, and codes to living an ultimate life, teaching the truths of eternal God next to transitory human experiences, as described so fiercely in the book of Ecclesiastes.

The legend of Solomon’s Seal starts with the enchanted ring he received from heaven, a mystical symbol that is common to all three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, designed as a pentagram/hexagram holding the message of God, resting on geometric shapes that connect to the essence of celestial bodies. Throughout history, this powerful ring was followed by talismans and amulets that share the frequency of this seal and its multi-cultural significance.

The Star of David, two triangles interlocking as a hexagram, has a mystical meaning of supernatural powers in a universal sense, just like the original symbol held as it was placed on the city walls (Jerusalem) for protection.

The seal symbolizes holistic harmony, reflecting the cosmic order and the movement of the stars in space. It reflects the infinite flow between the earth we walk and the heaven above, the balance between spirit and matter, like the four elements of the world, so contradicting yet completing one another: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth.

When we read the Book of Ecclesiastes we might conclude that it is filled with contradictions, of opposite forces that may cancel one another. But as we search deeper within we witness the miraculous combinations that enable all opposites as one. Beauty and science, astrology and astronomy, religion, physics and metaphysics – all symbolize the absolute truth of everything in front of us and all that is hidden.

The mystical aspects of Solomon’s wisdom are harder to track than his thoughts on life, art, and faith, or his political endeavors described in the bible. His communication with the abstract realm, and his interaction with spirits, are rarer and are revealed only to a few. It is not by chance that these aspects are secret, and their written documentation doesn’t make much of an appearance.

One of these documents is known as the Testament of Solomon, a text dating back to the 1st – 3rd centuries CE, telling the story of Solomon and the Temple of Jerusalem as he commanded the Demons to build the construction. This text portrays various events that Solomon experienced with angles, magic, calculation of effects of the 12 zodiacs, odes and prayers of Solomon, and spells to cast away demons with the help of the ring.

Another documentation of Solomon’s mystical entitlement is an 18th-century text known as “The Key of Magic of Rabbi Solomon”. The words in this text present an accurate guide on how to summon spirits to grant one’s heart wishes. These incantations are accompanied by illustrated symbols (including a cross and a pentacle), mythical creatures, and of course – man.

An open mind can understand when it can’t see

Solomon was a unique man, there’s no doubt about that, nonetheless, an important lesson to take from his own experience is that each and every one of us is entitled to behold and see farther than meets our own eye. When we let our intuition follow our curiosity to explore more in life, we can only expect infinite opportunities to enhance our experience on this earth, even if they first appear as not from this earth…

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