Know where you’re coming from, embrace the effects you earn from your parents, and plan ahead

We are accustomed to think that we don’t choose the family we are born into, but actually, we’re just not aware that we do. We come into this world as part of a greater plan of creation, sub-consciously selecting the parents that are rightfully destined to take care of us, and love us, unconditionally.

Our parents prepare us for the life ahead, as they shape our world like a visualized microcosmos of the future human interaction we will encounter later on, which we learn and implement as we grow up. Our family affects everything around us, for better and for worse, but mainly, it functions as an incubator we evolve in.

Aspire to learn what is needed and pave your path as you see fit

Right from the beginning of our life we start collecting experiences that are bound to shape the way we perceive life, the way we treat people, and the way we treat ourselves…

It is only natural that we would encounter conflicts between us and our family members, our parent, siblings and grandparents. We might not agree with some perspectives or actions they teach us, but it is important to remember that they always teach us, either way.

Many people might say they don’t want to grow up to be like their parents because we assume different things about the people they are, and not only the parents they are. But all and all, our family is our possibility to remember our past, decide how we want to act in the present time, and plan our future to come.
Think of it this way: you are born into a dynamic pool of blood-related connections, interactions and conversations. It is truly a fertile ground to utilize for your individual growth.
That is why it’s essential that you recognize that each aspect of our life is affected by our parents, and embracing it would help us make the best of our life, whether in relationships, livelihood, the way we choose to spend our time, and the friends we choose to join us.

Take your family with you, spirit and mind

Any person wishes to feel safety, respect, success, and a sense of belonging. These are fundamental elements that structure our self-esteem, our cognition and our behavior towards ourselves and others. Our family is the primal environment upon which these elements are built. It influences our perception of ourselves, whether we feel good enough, appreciated, loved, secured and meaningful. Through it, we are able to choose our own path and direct ourselves accordingly, as per the knowledge and emotions our family pours into us.

Acknowledging where we come from is one f the most important recognitions we need to aspire to. It doesn’t matter if we would have our own family someday, it doesn’t have to be the final goal we aim for. What should be a paramount purpose that would highlight the meaning in our life is constanly be aware of the blessings and lessons we receive from our parents, and take them into our hearts and minds. This would be the only way we could act on our free will and create the life we are worthy of living.

You don’t have to go through it alone

When we are not sure of our own way or are afraid of failure, we risk being passive, denying ourselves of achieving our aspirations. It is crucial to understand that our basic aspirations, eight of them to be exact, are the fuel that drives us to reach our goals.

History teaches us that the ones who are true to themselves are free to design life as they aspire to, just like it is described in the sacred writings of one of history’s most valuable personas – King Solomon.
Solomon described the Octagon of Aspiration, a visualized shape of 8 symbiotic elements that revolve around our existence and invite us to commit to creating our own future.
If we deny them, then we just deny ourselves of believing we can accomplish anything we wish to have in our life.

Having said that, it’s not enough only to visualize what we aspire to, but also act upon it. It’s not always easy of course, but you don’t have to cope with this uncertainty alone.
As part of his great journey in search of deciphering the codes to living miraculous life, King Solomon has left us the tools to do so ourselves: 44 seals were created in the shape of his sacred ring, embedded with verses from the bible, geometric shapes and angelic writings. These seals hold the great power of the wisdom of Solomon, the one who was considered to be the wisest of all man.
The seals help their owners regain self strength and empowered intuition to forge the life they wish to live, by providing protection, clear vision and harmony. They guide their owners without fear or regret, so their owners are freed from burden. As such, they get the chance to experience the abundance that surrounds them, with motivation to fulfill their aspirations with courage and intent.

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