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Joseph Kefir Master has devoted his life to helping those in need. As a child growing up in Jerusalem he has felt that he was drawn to this path, feeling this is his true calling on top of everything else.
Raised amid the experience of a renowned family of Kabbalists, Joseph has inherited his spiritual grace from his grandmother, a celebrated healer who was known to apply the modality of King Solomon’s mystical codes, as a part of her everyday life.

Throughout his life, Joseph has developed a strong need to offer earnest guidance employed by active teaching of this ancient knowledge, focusing on restoring the delicate balance of wellbeing.

“The purpose of the world and everything in it is {to make} a wise and kind human”


He specializes in far-distance healing and works together with additional worldly known healing modalities.
Over the years, Joseph has crafted his own powerful therapeutic practice, based on the potent energy of the original Hebrew letters, combined with contemporary scientific techniques.

His reputable seminars are offered worldwide (via Zoom during Covid19) helping people improve their life significantly. 

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