Seal of Livelihood

Finding a good livelihood isn’t only expressed with having a good job, but also with having satisfaction in our daily life. Still, many don’t feel that their routine fulfills their life goals and aspirations with the way they earn their living.
With time, this kind of frustration grows bigger, our ego haunted, making us feel angry and in constant defense from the world, but also from its wonders…

“May he rule from sea to sea
and from the River to the ends of the earth.”

Psalm 72:8

The Seal of Livelihood summons a fruitful workflow and opportunities, giving us the ability to negotiate better for our own advantage, whether in business, with a potential employer, or with a hiring contract and such.

The Seal’s unique square-like shape presents powerful sacred names, which are read the same both horizontally & vertically. This symbolizes the importance of having another perspective on life, being able to cope more successfully with what life brings on our path.

The seal keeps obstacles away from its owner and enables them an agile mind when seeking a worthy livelihood, one that complements their skills and aspirations.

The seals are embedded with verses from the bible, sacred geometry, and angelic writing. Through them, we can decipher the secret codes to create resonance within, and live a life we are worthy of living each day.

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